Terms and conditions

Bloom flowers provide top quality service and products for all items purchased on our website, in our store and over the phone.

Bloom carry out your instruction with care and accuracy therefore always provide correct details and at all times , such as your contact numbers, cell phones are preferable, perfect delivery address and instructions, floral preference, class preference and wedding flowers required.

Season dependable will affect the choice of flowers available however the general design concept always remains as discussed and as you have chosen on our website.

We do endeavour to create the same design and colour spectrum available on our website however please keep an open mind as to what is available as we have four Constantly changing seasons and in each season there are many different flowers available.

Bloom have a non cash refund policy or a non refund policy and pride our selves in fresh cut flowers and fresh products.

Please call Bloom immediately if for any reason Mother Nature has let us down as this is sometime possible if flowers have been out of water or have a disease that does not show immediately for have been struck by the sun or sudden cold.

Please let us know so we can get to the bottom of any problem for replacement within 24 hours.

Care instructions:

When flowers are either re-cut stems if they are not traveling in one of our Vox water vessels and always regularly re cut on an angle the flower stems at least every three days and place them in fresh water.

Bleach is also great to keep bacteria to a minimum and promote longevity.

Care instructions are given on your delivery card also.

Roses love a lot of water and recutting and changing of fresh water regularly where as a Gerbera blooms do not like allot of water at all, only up to an inch of water in their vase , however re cut every three days also and to be placed in fresh water.

Lily blooms do not travel well when blooms are open therefore we tend to deliver and sell them in bud to ensure longevity.

Lily pollen needs to be removed as soon as the bloom opens as it leaves a nasty stain.

If you happen to have mishap, with the yellow lily pollen then brush or blow it off a garment not press or rub it.

If stain persists Lavender oil is about the only thing that will remove this stain.

See Shannon lush to remove any green stem, pollen or flower stain.


Wedding deposits are in the form of the initial $100 deposit to secure the date (non refundable , however changeable up to 12 months.

Then the 50 per Cent deposit upon the written quote confirmation.

Then the balance a minimum two weeks prior.

All payments Are non refundable.

Any changes need to be made and confirmed a minimum of one month prior the wedding date.


Upon booking the scheduled class date the fee is due in full upon booking and isnon refundable.

For if any reason you can not make the booked and scheduled booking if giving 24 hours notice and we are able to fill your space we will offer you the same class's type of we have spaces for the same season or the following next group of schedules classes.

Note no money refunds are considered for any of the payments made to Bloom so please be sure you when booking flowers or classes you are sure you can either attend or your happy with the booking you have made over all.

We trust you will enjoy the Bloom experience no matter which service you purchase.