About Bloom Flowers

Julie-Anne Rylev-Smith moved her Bloom Flowers family to the most beautiful place in the world all in the name of flowers. With 33 years in the floral trade, Julie-Anne alongside her Danish husband Martin and their beautiful daughters Frida 9 and Zita 7, proudly join the Queenstown community.

Highly respected in the floral industry, Julie-Ann sees the move as an opportunity to share her skills and knowledge with the local community, primarily. They of course also service the influx of tourists to create something beautiful for everyone for that special day - be it a wedding, anniversary, or for one of the many reasons people travel to Queenstown from all over the world to embrace beauty.

“We have such a feast to the eye on a daily basis we almost feel spoiled. How could you be depressed or sad or mad with life? I guess Queenstown makes us remember that or certainly puts things into perspective. In this setting, it is very easy to create and share the passion of beautiful flowers”, quotes Julie-Anne.

In relocating, one of Julie-Anne’s main goals is to host flower shop workshops and customized lessons. Since returning from New York ten years ago, where Julie-Anne managed the Jane Packer Flower School and Designer flower store, she has been itching to get her teaching groove back on.

“New York was a very exciting part of my floral life. I have a huge appreciation for Jane head-hunting me in London and sending me out to New York to run one of her world-renowned stores. The most exciting part of joining the team in NY was designing the Ritz Carlton weekly flowers for their Lobby and executive suits. We ran all over from the Jane Packer flower shop in the Terrance Conran store (situated on the Upper East side, under the Queensborough bridge); I guess once could say the job was never boring!”, adds Julie-Anne.


33 years in the trade has been the most exciting floral life one could ever imagine. I'd love to write a book about it all one day!

A highlight was to win best flower shop in Auckland from 1994 to 2001 for a whole seven years running! It was a wonderful achievement. Jules says that it wasn’t all done alone. A lot of amazing designers such as Susan Christensen, now Orlando and Flowers on Franklin, and Dutch designer Stef Becker, joined them for a short time.

Texas Rose was an institution of designers of all fields, lots of fabulous memories of Hero Parties each year and in between and lots of fun and passion in our daily work.

After a lot of heart ache of many kinds, Mother Nature had other plans for Jules and the Flower fairies sent her a green card and off she set to New York, New York!

Before she landed the amazing opportunity of being the manager of Jane Packer, New York, London was calling to help fellow florists in Hanover Square. Even though it was outside and cold and selling flowers how they were traditionally sold on the streets of London, there was something authentic, romantic and although chilly some of that time, it was refreshing and inspiring to be back to basics. Much like selling flowers in the Danish markets around the same time when traveling back to Denmark to be with husband Martin.

The old buildings and cobble stones and that freeze in the air and in your face breathing cold air and selling fresh blooms and Christmas wreaths was all inspiring to a flower gal.

To be so high up the flower ladder and to get back down to street level before New York was an amazing exercise. The ones who gave the greatest start and opportunity to get into flowers are very proud, even though we go through all the moans and groans of business Jules knows deep down that Daphne from the Daphne studio of design is very proud of her success as are we for her being the inventor of the Vox, the cardboard vase that travels.

Since we promote all of our flowers traveling in water we have very few complaints unless Mother Nature lets us down which is very rare and yes, we always want to know about it.

Best Florist in Auckland awards